Air Gripper Model Selection Software

Target Selection Series

JMHZ2:Linear Guide Parallel Type Air Gripper / Compact Type(2 Fingers)  
・Downsizing is possible without changes to the gripping point range.(ø20→ø16)
 Overall length: Max. 21.7 mm shorter(102.7mm→81mm)
 Thickness: Max. 7.6 mm shorter(33.6mm→26mm)
 Weight: Max. 180 g lighter(420g→240g)
・High rigidity and precision are achieved by integrating the guide and finger.
・With high-precision linear guide
・A linear guide of higher rigidity and precision is used.
 Higher rigidity
MHZ2:Linear Guide Parallel Type Air Gripper(2 Fingers)  
・The linear guide improves rigidity and accuracy.
・Dustproof and drip proof construction
・Dust cover material is selectable.
MHF2:Low Profile Air Gripper(2 Fingers)  
・Height dimension reduced to approximately 1/3
・Low profile design that reduces moment generation
・Short, middle, and long strokes are available.
・Compact, but the double piston mechanism provides it with a strong gripping force.
MHF2-F:Low Profile Air Gripper/With One Finger Fixed(2 Fingers)  
・Width: Max. 25% reduction(40mm→30mm)
・Weight: Max. 25% reduction(275g→205g)
・The fixed finger can be set to a reference position.
・Fixed finger position adjustment function
MHL2-Z:Wide Type Air Gripper(2 Fingers)  
・Lightweight: Max. 10% lighter:585g →525g
 Weight reduced by changing the body shape and internal construction
・Built-in dust protection mechanism (Standard)
 Dust-resistant option (Made to order: -X85, -X86□)
・Long stroke: One unit can handle workpieces of various diameters.
・A large amount of gripping force is provided, through the use of a double pistonmechanism, while maintaining a compact design.
・Small auto switches can be directly mounted.
MHL2:Wide Type Air Gripper(2 Fingers)  
・Long strokes
・Ideal for holding large-size workpieces that have dimensional variances
・The double pistons provide a large amount of gripping force.
・Built-in dust protection mechanism
MHR:Rotary Actuated Air Gripper(2 Fingers,3 Fingers)  
・A vertically compact configuration has been achieved through the use of a rotary actuator as the drive force source.
・Repeatability ±0.01mm
・Supports class 10 clean rooms
・With auto switch (MDHR2 series: MDHR2, MDHR3 series: MDHR3)
MHK2:Wedge Cam Operation Slide Guide Air Gripper(2 Fingers)  
・Wedge shaped cam driving mechanism
・High rigidity with a slide type guide
・A dustproof, drip proof, external force resistant, and environmental resistant type that can be used for a variety of applications
・To suit the environment, a selection of dust cover materials (chloroprene rubber, fluororubber, silicone rubber) and stainless steel (SUS304) fingers are available.
・Long stroke option is selectable.
MHS:Slide Guide Air Gripper(2 Fingers,3 Fingers,4 Fingers)  
2 Fingers: 
・Vertically compact and lightweight due to the wedge shaped cam construction
・Ideal for operations in which external force is applied, such as press
・Repeatability ±0.01mm
3 Fingers:
・Vertically compact and lightweight due to the wedge shaped cam construction
・Ideal for operations in which external force is applied, such as press
・Repeatability ±0.01mm
・Long stroke type: Strokes 2 times longer than the standard type
・Gripping of cylindrical workpieces
・Reliable removal of the workpiece with through-holes and a center pusher
4 Fingers:
 ・Vertically compact due to its wedge shaped cam construction
・Optimally holds rectangular workpieces for positioning operations
・Repeatability ±0.01mm
・Positioning of rectangular workpieces
MHC2:Angular Style Air Gripper(2 Fingers)  
・MHC2-6:Auto switch mountable
・MHCA2-6:Short body
・MHCM2-7:Compact, lightweight
・A large holding moment is achieved through a double piston construction.
・Integral variable throttle
MHT2:Toggle Type Air Gripper(2 Fingers)  
・The new cylinder body allows small auto switches to be mounted on 4 surfaces.
・A strong and stable gripping force can be obtained through the toggle mechanism.
・Holds workpiece even when the air is shut down (Safety measure)
MHY2:180°Angular Style Air Gripper Cam Style(2 Fingers)  
・Lightweight and compact through the use of a cam mechanism
MHW2:180°Angular Style Air Gripper Rack & Pinion Style(2 Fingers)  
・Features a unique seal construction with a shortened overall length and dust proofing countermeasures that allow it to be used for removing workpieces from machine tools or for holding workpieces
MRHQ:Rotary Gripper (Gripper part only)(2 Fingers)  
・The gripper function and the rotation function have been integrated in a compact package.
・It is possible to grip and reverse workpieces in conveyor lines with a single unit.
・Rotation range and angle are adjustable.
25A-:Compatible with Secondary Batteries Series
・Suitable within the environment of the secondary battery manufacturing process.
11-:Clean Series
・Suitable for clean environment.
・Prevents particle generation in clean room.
22-:Copper, Fluorine, Silicone-free, Low-particle Generation
・Suitable for environments where the presence of copper, fluorine or silicone materials is restricted.
・Structures are identical to the Clean Series.
20-:Copper/Fluorine-free Specifications
・Suitable for environments where the presence of copper or fluorine materials is restricted.
・Dimensions are the same as those of the standard model.


Note: Excluding auto switch specification, Some made to order specification and special specification.
Note: Although the series which have completed switchover to RoHS compliance (factory shipment base) indicate RoHS in the catalog, please request RoHS compliant product to the sales representative at time of order.


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